Popular & Unique Foods You'll Find at Backwater Jack's

Backwater Jack's uniquely combines the styles, cultures, and ingredients of South Florida and the Caribbean with traditional favorites of the Midwest. This Coastal cuisine with a Midwestern flair is amazing on its own, but we are also able to offer the best sushi at the Lake of the Ozarks for your dining pleasure. 

Every single dish we serve is unique in its own way but here are a few items that are extremely popular with diners at Backwater Jack's. 

At the Main Restaurant 
Our waterfront restaurant & bar at the Lake of the Ozarks has been around for quite a while although we've grown tremendously over the past couple of years. We still cook up incredible cuisine in our main kitchen and we've added a second menu down by our fantastic pool. Here are a few customer-favorite menu items from our main restaurant. 

Fried Potato Salad
Nobody seems to be able to resist the lure of our signature Fried Potato Salad! It's listed as a side dish but it's a menu item that always pleases our diners and keeps bringing them back for more. The recipe's a secret, so don't worry about trying to figure it out. Just come in and enjoy it! 

Jack's Jumbo Jalapeno Poppers
"Jumbo" is an excellent description of this amazing appetizer. These tasty treats are hand-stuffed with a mix of crab and cream cheese, breaded, and deep-fried to a crispy, golden brown. That flavor is made even more irresistible when dipped in our special house spicy raspberry inferno sauce. Be careful biting into one of these babies because they're packed full! 

Colossal Crab Rangoon
We dare you to find a bigger or more mouthwateringly delicious crab rangoon! We take four oversized wontons and stuff them full of Jack's own crab and cream cheese mix. Next, they're fried to a beautiful golden brown and served up with our homemade apricot sauce.  

Backwater's Cuban Sandwich
We definitely do this classic sandwich justice! Slices of juicy smoked pork, sliced ham, and salami are layered with sliced pickles and Swiss cheese. This is all served on a grill-pressed Cuban roll. Irresistible! 

Jamaican Lime Grilled Chicken
This is a charbroiled 8-ounce boneless chicken breast spiced with Jamaican jerk seasonings. It's masterfully topped with grilled lime and Jack's tropical Italian dressing and served over a bed or wild rice. This delicious dinner also comes with a Water's Edge house salad, a dinner roll, and one side dish. 

Grouper Fingers
You may have had grouper fingers before but we're willing to bet they weren't as good as these! Our unique version involves a filet that is hand-breaded in a secret honey breading. It's deep-fried to perfection and served with an out-of-this-world raspberry tartar sauce. 

From the Sushi & Asian Grill
Word spread quickly about how absolutely amazing the sushi is at Backwater Jack's. The menu choices are extensive but here are a few favorites and some of our newest offerings down by the pool. 

Crabby Basket
If you're a crab rangoon fan (and you definitely are if you've tried our Colossal Crab Rangoon!) then you need to give this tasty twist a try. The chefs at our Sushi & Asian Grill creates a special version filled with Dungeness crab and pepper jack cheese with a sensational spicy ginger vinaigrette sauce for dipping. 

New this year, these small Asian sliders come on a steamed bun with your choice of main ingredients. These go great with a side of spicy ginger coleslaw or jalapeno chips!

  • Nashville Hot Chicken
  • Spam & Egg with Queso
  • Fried Shrimp with Mango Salsa
  • Pulled Pork with Chinese BBQ Sauce
  • Tofu Bun

Sushi Rolls
We serve many of the sushi rolls you are familiar with plus a long list signature rolls that are sure to impress your taste buds. There are far too many to list here (but you can see both of our Backwater Jack's menus online.) Here are a couple of our newest rolls for the 2019 season. 

  • High Maintenance
    crab - avocado - shrimp - white tuna - eel - spicy mayo - teriyaki sauce - chili oil
  • Immortality
    spicy tuna - avocado - cucumber - salmon - tuna - shrimp - eel - teriyaki sauce - chili oil

That's only a very small representation of the many, many delicious dishes we have waiting for you at the best place to eat at the Lake of the Ozarks. Be sure to check out our menu online or, better yet, come on by and check it out in person! Chill out in our pool, order one of those famous Rum Runners, and take your time choosing what you're going to order. (You can give the other dishes a try the next few times you get back to Backwater Jack's!)  

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