Winter Fun at the Lake of the Ozarks - It's Mardi Gras Pub Crawl Time!

Well, actually, we're 1 month away from the Lake of the Ozarks Mardi Gras Pub Crawl but it's definitely time for you to start making plans to be here! Backwater Jack's is still closed for the season right now but you'd better believe this is a party we look forward to attending, so we know you will too. (Even if your favorite waterfront bar & restaurant isn't a stop on the map. Don't worry, opening day in March will be here before you know it!)

In case you've never had the awesome pleasure of partying at a Lake Pub Crawl, here's what you've got to look forward to. Also, don't forget that if you're coming from out of town, our vacation house rentals at the Lake of the Ozarks give you a great place to chill out for the weekend with an awesome lake view!

19th Annual Lake of the Ozarks
Mardi Gras Pub Crawl
The Lake Pub Crawl gives you an excellent excuse to plan a winter vacation at the Lake of the Ozarks. It will take place on Saturday, Februar…

Don't Wait... Book Your 2020 Lake of the Ozarks Vacation Now!

It's not too early to start thinking about all of those awesome trips to Backwater Jack's you'll be enjoying next season. You know what makes them even better? Staying in our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront vacation rental located right next door! 

The "Cozy House" is available year-round, so you can book a stay any time of the year that you feel the need for a lake getaway. If any of those dates happen to fall on some of our most sought-after weekends, you might want to go ahead and reserve your stay right now. (What a wonderful Christmas gift idea!) 

Popular 2020 Vacation Dates
There will be lots and lots of reasons to head to the lake in the coming year. Here are just a few of the most popular ones that we expect to book up quickly. There will be a LOT more fun happening in between all of these dates, so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page so you don't miss any exciting announcements! 

February 8
Lake of the Ozarks Mardi Gras Pub CrawlFebruary 14

Great Gift Ideas For Fans of the Lake of the Ozarks

The holiday gift-giving season is upon us. While you can't get back to Backwater Jack's this time of year, we know you'll be back to join us again next spring-fall 2020. How about giving away a few gifts that can be used when you're having fun at our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar & restaurant? Sure, they may have to wait a while to use the presents, but once summer is back in full swing, they'll be thrilled that you had such a great idea! 

Pool Toys
We have an amazing pool and swim-up bar that hosts the best pool parties at the Lake of the Ozarks. Items that can be used in and around our lakeside pool are a perfect gift to get anyone that's excited about all the pool parties you'll be attending here next year! 

It could be a cool beach towel or even a funny cover-up. Beer koozies will keep their hand warm yet the beer cold, and there are even koozies out there sized to fit frozen drink cups. (Who else is craving a Rum Runner about now?) Consider a floa…

Lots of Reasons to be Thankful About 2019 at Backwater Jack's

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Since Backwater Jack's is already closed for the season, we have plenty of time to look back and remember all of the awesome things we have to be thankful for. A ton of excitement took place at your favorite waterfront bar & restaurant in 2019. Here's a look back at a few of our favorite moments. 

Exciting Pool Parties
That incredible pool area smack dab in the middle of Backwater Jack's saw a whole lot of action this season. We're always thankful to have a chance to chill out poolside on a sunny afternoon, but even more thankful for the crazy memories we get to make at all of our exciting pool parties!

The Zero Ducks Given events on holiday weekends are always a great big, gigantic, party. Of course, our SWIMDUSTRY night swims are pretty amazing too, and if you didn't make it to our Margarita Madness Pool Party, well, you definitely need to keep an eye out for that one next year! 

Awesome Events
A polar opposite to the wild …

3 More Days Left & On Saturday, It's All HALF-PRICE!

The time has come. It's the final weekend to enjoy the best waterfront bar & restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks. There are 3 more days to get back to Backwater Jacks in 2019 - Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, November 14-16. To show our appreciation to all of you wonderful customers for an excellent season, on Saturday, all food and drinks are half-price! 

Drink & Dine for Half-Price! 
Once again this year, we are hosting a customer appreciation party on our final day. That means on Saturday, November 16, everything on the menu, both food and drinks, will be half-price until it's gone! 

All of your favorite flavors from Backwater Jack's are included in this discount. Be warned, though, that we expect the most popular menu items to sell out quickly. You'd best plan to be here for lunch when we open the doors at 11:00 am! Luckily, everything our chefs cook and our bartenders mix up is delicious, so even if your #1 favorite is already gone, there will be something…

Gotta Get Back to Backwater Jack's SOON! (The Season is Almost Over!)

We all knew it was coming. It's just about time for your favorite waterfront bar & restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks to close out our 2019 season. Don't be sad about it. Instead, focus that negative energy into a positive desire to get back to Backwater Jack's as many times as possible before this season is over! (And of course, feel happiness in the fact that we'll definitely be back again next spring!)

Closing Day 2019:
Saturday, November 16
We closed down the Sushi & Asian Grill and that awesome pool after the Fall Harbor Hop in October. At the beginning of November (last weekend, actually) we reduced our hours down to only Thursday-Sunday. Both of those were signs that our final day of the season was arriving, and now we have an official date for it. 

As of today, you've got 8 more days (and nights) to head on over to our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar to enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks again before they're gone until next year. …

It's All Treats (No Tricks) for Halloween at Backwater Jack's!

It's Halloween week & at Backwater Jack's with no tricks, just all treats! This year Halloween happens to fall on one of our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront restaurant's Raw Deal Thursdays, meaning extra treats in the form of delicious discounts! More about that below, plus a peek at a few more of the tasty treats that will be waiting for you here. 

Raw Deal Halloween
For those of you that aren't already familiar with our Raw Deal Thursdays, it's the day every single week, all season long, that you can get three of our most popular foods at discounted prices! 

We're talking about oysters, wings, and shrimp... OH MY! (No, the wings aren't raw, but they taste so great we just had to include them too!) You'll need something to wash those all down with so we offer $1 off all of our canned beers as well.   

Great BIG Apps
Remember when you were a kid and someone dropped a great big, full-size candy bar into your bag? Well, most of our appetizers are bigger than…