The Mouthwatering Menu From Our Lake of the Ozarks Sushi & Asian Grill

The best sushi at the Lake of the Ozarks is back at Backwater Jack's! Last year we debuted our Sushi & Asian Grill down by the pool, and it was a huge hit with everyone that gave it a try. This season we expect it to be even better. 

The culinary artists from Jina Yoo's Asian Bistro out of Columbia, MO have taken over the kitchen, and they've created a menu this year that is absolutely mouthwatering! Here is what you're in store for the next time that you get back to Backwater Jack's

Items marked [GF] are gluten-free, and those marked [GFO] are gluten-free optional.  


Edamame Hummus - edamame hummus - grilled pita (add vegetable cut-ups +4) [GFO]

Pork Gyoza - 6 fried or steamed gyoza - soy ginger vinaigrette

Jumping Beans - steamed edamame pod - kosher salt [GF]

Burning Lips Edamame - steamed edamame pod - garlic chili sauce [GFO]

Chicken Lettuce Wrap - grilled chicken - chopped vegetables - garlic oyster sauce - lettuce [GFO]

BWJ Nachos - wonton chips - grilled chicken - mozzarella - pepper jack cheese - salsa - jalapeño - black bean aioli (pulled pork and/or guacamole may be substituted for an additional charge)

Dancing Peppers
(They move!) grilled shishito peppers - parmesan garlic sauce Bonito flakes 

Kung Pao Chicken Bites - fried chicken - Korean sweet chili - peanuts

BWJ Lobster Dip - lobster - kewpie mayo - cream cheese - garlic wonton chips

Berkshire Sausage - sausage - stone ground mustard

Seaweed Salad

Crabby Basket (4 pieces) - dungeness crab and pepper jack filled crab rangoons spicy ginger vinaigrette

rice - Asian vegetables - bean sprouts - egg- sesame soy sauce

  • Original
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Dungeness Crab
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Bacon
  • Kung Pao Chicken (Let us know how hot you want it!) 


Garlic Noodles - garlic - ginger - oyster sauce - parmesan (add dungeness crab for an additional charge)

Chicken or Pulled Pork Quesadilla - pepper jack cheese - mozzarella - homemade black bean salsa - sour cream - french fries (add guacamole for a small charge)

Ozark Lobster Roll - lobster - kewpie mayo - onion - celery - Hawaiian bun - french fries 


Just Fish - tuna - salmon - yellowtail - white tuna (add avocado topping for a small charge) [GFO]

Red Eye - spicy tuna - eel - tempura flakes - teriyaki sauce sriracha - wasabi aioli

Sin City - crab - cream cheese - tempura - spicy tuna - crab mix wonton chips - teriyaki sauce - deep fried to perfection

Tail On Fire - shrimp tempura - avocado - crab mix - yellowtail jalapeno - sriracha - sesame oil Enjoy with wasabi!

Lemon Drop - crab mix - avocado - cream cheese - salmon - thinly sliced lemon

Drunken Roll - shrimp tempura - green bean - tuna - teriyaki sauce wasabi aioli

Sun West - spicy lobster mix - mango slices - cucumber - lightly grilled tuna - teriyaki sauce - chili oil

Rainbow - california roll - salmon - tuna - shrimp

Madre De Dragon - spicy tuna - cucumber - cilantro - pickled ginger jalapeno - avocado - wasabi aioli - sriracha - lime slices [GFO]

Passionate Shrimp - shrimp tempura - avocado - cream cheese - shrimp

Double Crunch Shrimp - shrimp tempura - cream cheese - crab mix - spinach tempura flakes - teriyaki sauce - wasabi aioli

Cupid's Butt - shrimp tempura - cream cheese - crab mix - smoked salmon - teriyaki sauce - wasabi aioli

Get Some Eel - Double eel - crab mix - avocado - teriyaki sauce

Monkey Goes Nuts - smoked salmon - cream cheese - mango - avocado teriyaki sauce - peanuts

The Redneck - shrimp tempura - crab mix - cream cheese - topped with roast beef - garlic aioli - teriyaki sauce

The Jimmy - roasted beef - green bean - cream cheese - jalapeño potato chips - roasted garlic aioli

EBW Bacon (Everything is Better With...) - shrimp tempura - cream cheese - crab mix - teriyaki sauce – garlic aioli - BACON


California Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll - spicy tuna - cucumber - avocado - [GFO]

Tuna Roll [GF]

Salmon Roll [GF]

Yellowtail Roll [GF]

Escolar Roll [GF]

Eel Roll

Avocado Roll [GF]

Cucumber Roll [GF]

Green Bean Roll [GF]

Veggie Roll - green bean - cucumber - red bell pepper - avocado - pickled radish [GF]

NIGIRI (2 pc)/ SASHIMI (4 pc)

Maguro/Tuna [GF]

Escoloar/Super White Tuna [GF]

Sake/Salmon [GF]

Yellowtail [GF]


Ebi/Cooked Shrimp [GF]

There are so many delicious choices on the menu for our Sushi & Asian Grill at the Lake of the Ozarks, you're just going to have to make it a point to come in as often as possible to try as many of them as you can! Just one more excellent excuse why you and all of your friends have gotta get back to Backwater Jack's

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