10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Whiskey

The weather is getting colder and many people have switched from delicious, frozen drinks to drinks that warm us up! Many favorite winter cocktails feature whiskey, so your Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar and grill dug up some facts about it so you can impress your friends the next time you're around the bar. 

1. Whiskey can last forever.
If left unopened and out of direct sunlight, whiskey can be kept indefinitely. In addition, if you open a bottle and seal it up properly, it can stay for a very long time. The sun won't ruin whiskey, however, it can change the taste. 

2. There are millions of barrels of whiskey.
Because of the aging process, whiskey is kept in barrels for several years by most distillers. This means that in warehouses around the world there are tons of barrels just sitting. Kentucky alone has 5.7 million barrels of bourbon in storage, which is the most the state has had since 1975. 

3. Whiskey is clear before barreling. 
Whiskey is perfectly clear when it comes off the stills. The darker color comes from the white oak in which it's aged. A barrel provides whiskey about 60 percent of its flavor and 100 percent of its color. 

4. Whiskey doesn't have to be aged in new barrels. 
Tennessee whiskey must be aged in new white oak casks and bourbon needs to be aged in new charred oak barrels. However, many Irish and Canadian whiskey markers reuse those same barrels. 

5. There's a difference between whisky and whiskey. 
There is some debate whether or not the Scottish distilleries are the only ones who can spell it whisky. However, the general consensus is that whisky refers to Scottish distilleries and whiskey refers to everyone else. 

6. There are between 5-7 places were whiskey is distilled.
We say 5-7 because it depends on who you ask. However, the five main regional whiskeys that are always included are Scotch Whisky, Irish Whiskey, Kentucky Bourbon, Canadian Whiskey and Tennessee Whiskey. The two regions that are disputed are Japan and New Zealand. 

7. Whiskey is beer before it turns into whiskey.
Whiskey is technically just beer that has been distilled a few times. Whiskey is made from wort, which is made up of all the ingredients you find in beer: water, yeast, malts and even hops to prevent unwanted pests in the process. 

8. Whiskey was still produced during the prohibition. 
Although it was already common knowledge that there were no real medicinal qualities for whiskey, there was a law set up to allow a doctor to prescribe whiskey as medicine. Those with a prescription would go to their local pharmacy to get their whiskey. However, the amount wasn't enough to consume in large quantities. 

9. Founding father and whiskey maker?
By his death in 1799, George Washington was the leading whiskey distiller in the United States. At his old residence on Mount Vernon, they have reconstructed the distillery and still sell small amounts to the local community. 

10. Weather affects whiskey
The climate when the whiskey is being aged in has a difference in the way it tastes, which is why whiskey aged in Canada tastes difference than those aged in warmer climates. 

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