Lots of Reasons to be Thankful About 2019 at Backwater Jack's

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Since Backwater Jack's is already closed for the season, we have plenty of time to look back and remember all of the awesome things we have to be thankful for. A ton of excitement took place at your favorite waterfront bar & restaurant in 2019. Here's a look back at a few of our favorite moments. 

Exciting Pool Parties
That incredible pool area smack dab in the middle of Backwater Jack's saw a whole lot of action this season. We're always thankful to have a chance to chill out poolside on a sunny afternoon, but even more thankful for the crazy memories we get to make at all of our exciting pool parties!

The Zero Ducks Given events on holiday weekends are always a great big, gigantic, party. Of course, our SWIMDUSTRY night swims are pretty amazing too, and if you didn't make it to our Margarita Madness Pool Party, well, you definitely need to keep an eye out for that one next year! 

Awesome Events
A polar opposite to the wild times at our pool parties were the Poolside Yoga sessions we hosted this past summer. The perfect way to wind down after a night of partying hard! 

Out of the pool and into the lake, we were thrilled to be able to add a new event - the 1st Annual Malibu Service Industry Raft Races - to the calendar at Backwater Jack's. As always, the on-the-water poker runs are always a great day. We also hosted a Silent Disco. It was hilarious to see tons of people all dancing together yet all to different music!  

Fantastic Live Music
It's never any surprise that the best live music at the Lake of the Ozarks makes its way to the stage at Backwater Jack's. The great big stage outside is the perfect platform for the most talented musicians plus we've got plenty of room inside for them too when the weather is a bit finicky. The fact that there is no lack of talent in the lake area is a big reason to be very thankful!  



The Best Customers in the World
Last, but certainly not least, we are extremely thankful that all of the coolest people hang out here with us at Backwater Jack's! Everything we mentioned above wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the amazing group of people that frequent our establishment. Each year we make new friends and add to our extended family and we're excited to see who will join the gang in 2020!  

We hope that each and every one of you has a wonderful winter break. Thank you for making the 2019 season at Backwater Jack's the best one ever. That gives us high hopes that 2020 will be filled with even more excitement! 

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