Gotta Get Back to Backwater Jack's SOON! (The Season is Almost Over!)

We all knew it was coming. It's just about time for your favorite waterfront bar & restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks to close out our 2019 season. Don't be sad about it. Instead, focus that negative energy into a positive desire to get back to Backwater Jack's as many times as possible before this season is over! (And of course, feel happiness in the fact that we'll definitely be back again next spring!)

Closing Day 2019:
Saturday, November 16
We closed down the Sushi & Asian Grill and that awesome pool after the Fall Harbor Hop in October. At the beginning of November (last weekend, actually) we reduced our hours down to only Thursday-Sunday. Both of those were signs that our final day of the season was arriving, and now we have an official date for it. 

As of today, you've got 8 more days (and nights) to head on over to our Lake of the Ozarks restaurant & bar to enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks again before they're gone until next year. That also means 2 more Raw Deal Thursdays, 2 more Friday Steak Nights, but only 1 more Sunday Fun Day. To make up for missing out on that last Sunday Fun Day, we're making Saturday, November 16, extra special...  

Customer Appreciation Closeout
On our final day for the season, Saturday, November 16, 2019, ALL FOOD & DRINKS ARE HALF-PRICE!!!!!! Yep, that's right, all of the foods and beverages that we have left will be sold for half off their regular price until it's all gone! 

You simply can't pass up an awesome deal like that and you know it's bound to turn into quite the party! Be warned though, many of your favorites will sell out quickly. That means you'd better get on over to Backwater Jack's before that last day to guarantee one last serving of our most irresistible menu items. 

Grab Some Gear For Holiday Gifts
It may be a little early to think about holiday shopping for many of you, but you know most of the people on your list would love a souvenir from Backwater Jack's! Pick up some shirts, hats, koozies... you know, the kind of stuff anyone would love to unwrap. 

While you're at it, be sure to grab a few items for yourself as well. Then, when you miss us this winter, you can slip on your shirt or wrap your beer in our koozie and feel a little closer to us! 

The countdown has begun and we can't wait to party with each of you at least one more time this year! Over our winter break, rest assured that we'll be planning all kinds of amazing things to bring you next year when you can once again get back to Backwater Jack's in 2020! See you soon!

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