Get Ready For an Awesome August at the Lake of the Ozarks & Backwater Jack's!

Tons of you have been hanging out at our waterfront bar & restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks and having an incredible time over the past few months. Even though summer seems to be winding down with many schools beginning soon, we're not done partying yet! 

This August, Backwater Jack's has some awesome events coming your way plus, as always, the best live music at the Lake of the OzarksMark those calendars now & make plans to get back to Backwater Jack's.  

Friday, August 9
Silent Disco
The excitement of a great big dance party but without all the loud noise! Wait... what? Our Silent Disco 21+ poolside dance party (with NO COVER, might we add) is an event where participants are given light-up headphones with the ability to receive 3 different channels. We'll have 2 awesome DJs broadcasting to two 2 of those and music from our live band, The Zeros, will be available on the 3rd channel. 

Dance the night away to whichever type of music you're in the mood for and switch it up anytime that you feel the urge for a fresh jam. No worries if you aren't in the mood to wear the headphones either because everyone will be able to enjoy the live band through the speakers on the stage as well. 

Saturday, August 10
Namaste & Rose Poolside Yoga

This popular monthly event is back again. It's the last one this year, so don't miss it this time around! Instructor Kalise Lischwe will be leading an hour-long 21+ yoga class by the pool. Check-ins will start at 9:30 am with class beginning at 10:00 am before the restaurant opens at 11:00 am. 

Once the session is over, everyone will relax poolside with a refreshing glass of rosé. Space is limited, so you will need to order tickets online through our Facebook event page and be sure to bring your own yoga mat. 

Saturday, August 31
Zero Ducks Given Pool Party
The end of August brings Labor Day Weekend with it, which means it's time for another one of the best pool parties at the Lake of the Ozarks - Zero Ducks Given! (Sadly, the final one this year but they'll definitely be back again in 2020!) 

From 11 am-7 pm, the coolest DJs will be rocking the poolside stage. The water will be full of ducks and tons of fun people all ready to have a good time. Reps from your favorite companies will be on hand giving away samples of their latest products and passing out all kinds of goodies. 

The party's not officially over at 7 pm though, because that's when the band takes over the stage. That band just so happens to be the one and only, Machine Gun Symphony! They'll be continuing the excitement on into the wee hours of the morning! 

August Live Music
In between the Silent Disco and our Labor Day Zero Ducks Given Pool Party, we've got all types of awesome music to keep you entertained! Here's what we've got planned for you so far in July, but be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for additions or last-minute changes. 

London Strangers
Wednesday, August 7
Phat Mike & the Bartenders
Thursday, August 8
The Zeros
Friday, August 9
The Zeros
Saturday, August 10
Whiskey Trio
Sunday, August 11
James Clay
Monday, August 12
Wednesday, August 14
James Clay & the Hired Guns
Thursday, August 15
Rough Riders
Friday, August 16
The Usual Suspects
Saturday, August 17
Moore Sudds
Sunday, August 18
James Clay
Monday, August 19
London Strangers
Wednesday, August 21
Phat Mike & the Bartenders
Thursday, August 22
Pearl Nation
Friday, August 23
Saturday, August 24
London Strangers
Sunday, August 25, 2019
James Clay
Monday, August 26
Steven Woolley
Wednesday, August 28
Phat Mike & the Bartenders
Thursday, August 29
Griffin & the Gargoyles
Friday, August 30
Machine Gun Symphony
Saturday, August 31

Well, we've given you quite a few reasons to get back to Backwater Jack's this August, and we didn't even get started on the delicious drinks and amazing food we serve up daily beginning at 11:00 am! Call up your friends and have them meet you right here at the best place to party at the Lake of the Ozarks. No matter when you show up, we're bound to have something exciting going on! 

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