Backwater Jack's Awesome Appetizers: A Snack, a Meal, or Both?

Sometimes you're kind of hungry but maybe not for an entire meal. That's a great time to have a look at the appetizer menu at Backwater Jack's. Of course, if you're not sharing with someone else, many of our appetizers are hearty enough to substitute for an entire meal on their own! 

Regardless of how hungry you actually are, the appetizer section at our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront restaurant & bar is a great place to start. You'll find tasty app choices on both our regular menu and at the Sushi & Asian Grill. Maybe you could take an "appetizer tour" of the place and order a few from each kitchen!

Backwater Jack's Appetizers

The appetizer menu at the main restaurant is filled with traditional favorites, succulent seafood, the biggest Crab Rangoon in the lake area, and so much more! Even if you are ready for a great big lunch or dinner, it's going to be hard to resist enjoying one of these first. 

Colossal Crab Rangoon
Four oversized wontons stuffed with Jack’s own crab/cream cheese mix and fried to a golden brown, served with our homemade apricot sauce.

Jack's Jumbo Jalapeno Poppers
Hand-stuffed and breaded jalapeno peppers filled with a crab/cream cheese mix. They are served with our house special spicy raspberry inferno sauce.

Chicken Tenders
Hand-breaded to order and you’ll taste the difference! Try them HOT! Buffalo-style dipped in our special hot sauce.

Grilled Chicken Tenders
Four chicken tenders marinated in a teriyaki glaze and grilled to juicy perfection. 

A dozen jumbo chicken wings fried to a golden brown then tossed in your choice of our homemade sauces: Original Hot, Sweet Honey Jerk, or Half & Half.

Stuffed Mushrooms
Large mushroom caps stuffed with our handmade crab/cream cheese mix and then baked in white wine. 

Ozark Onion Rings
Colossal yellow onion rings deep-fried to a golden brown.

Jack's Red Beans & Rice
A homemade spicy mix of red beans, green peppers, onions, and sliced andouille sausage spiced with Cajun seasonings. It's all simmered to perfection and served with wild rice & our sweet cornbread.

Jack's Baked Nachos
A pile of tortilla chips topped with tomatoes, black olives, and onions all smothered in shredded cheddar jack cheese and baked. Enjoy these with either chicken, veggies, or a seafood mix of shrimp, scallops, and crab meat. 

Chips & Salsa

Jack's Quesadilla
A large flour tortilla shell stuffed with black olives, tomatoes, red and green onions, and shredded cheddar jack cheese and then grilled. It's served with sour cream and salsa and you may add veggies, chicken, or a seafood mix of shrimp, scallops, and crab meat.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
House-blended hummus served with sweet green and red peppers, broccoli florets, and toasted blackened tortilla points.

Backwater Buffalo Shrimp
Ten butterflied shrimp breaded and served with a side of Jack’s hot sauce.

West Key Boiled Shrimp
Succulent shrimp boiled in Cajun spices, chilled and served with cocktail sauce and fresh-cut lemon. Available by the pound or half-pound. 

Grouper Fingers
Our version of a hand-breaded filet in our secret honey breading served with raspberry tartar sauce.

Snow Crab Clusters
Nothing but the freshest snow crab clusters! Boiled hot and served by the pound with a tub of butter.

Sushi & Asian Grill Appetizers

After that long list of mouthwatering appetizers, you'd think we'd be done, but not yet! There's even more deliciousness waiting for you on the starter menu down by the Backwater Jack's pool from the best sushi restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks

Crabby Basket
Dungeness crab and pepper jack filled crab rangoons with a spicy ginger vinaigrette. 

6 fried or steamed gyoza with either veggies or pork served with a soy-ginger vinaigrette. 

Crispy Blooms
Fried brussel sprout leaves and wasabi sugar powder. 

Shrimps in a Blanket
Shrimp wrapped in crispy phyllo served with mango salsa. 

Backwater Jack's Nachos

Wonton chips, grilled chicken, mozzarella, pepper jack cheese, salsa, house-pickled jalapeno, and black bean aioli. You may substitute grilled pork or tuna and add guacamole. 

Chicken Lettuce Wrap
Grilled chicken, chopped vegetables, garlic oyster sauce, and iceberg lettuce. 

Small Asian sliders on a steamed bun. Choose from: Nashville Hot Chicken, Spam & Egg with Queso, Fried Shrimp with Mango Salsa, or Pulled Pork with Chinese BBQ Sauce.

Jumping Beans
Steamed edamame pods with kosher salt. 

Burning Lips Edamame
Steamed edamame pods with a garlic chili sauce. 

Seaweed Salad

Squid Salad

With a long list of the best appetizers at the Lake of the Ozarks like we've shared above, it's going to be hard to get past the beginning of the menu and on to the main dishes! (Believe us though, it's totally worth coming in with a big appetite so you can try a little bit of it all!) Call up a few friends you can share a table full of appetizers with and get yourself back to Backwater Jack's. Your taste buds will thank you! 

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