Celebrate National Rum Day At Backwater Jack's

It's National Rum Day! Here at the Lake of the Ozarks' favorite waterfront bar and grill we love our rum. The best way to enjoy a beautiful day at the Lake is to kick back and enjoy the view with a Rum Runner. Luckily, you can do both at Backwater Jack's! To celebrate National Rum Day, we have gathered five fun facts about rum. We also included some of our favorite drinks made with rum that you can get at the best waterfront bar at the Lake of the Ozarks:

Five Fun Facts About Rum!

- The oldest known bottle of rum is The Harewood Rum 1780. it is believed to have been distilled in 1780 in Barbados. Fifty-nine bottles were discovered in the basement of the Harewood House in Leeds, UK. 

- The largest rum tasting event involved 786 participants who tasted five different aged rums. The event lasted three and a half hours and was held in Columbia. 

- The most expensive bottle of rum goes to a 1940s bottle of J. Wray & Nephew. There are only four known bottles left. It reportedly costs $54,000 for one bottle. 

- Rum was thought to fight off scurvy and was given to sailors in the British Army mixed with lime and other citrus fruit. However, it was the citrus that fought off scurvy, not the rum. 

- Captain Morgan, the infamous pirate who sailed the seas in the early 17th century, didn't drink rum. In fact, most pirates didn't! They often drank Spanish wine, as it was easy to plunder. Rum wasn't the drink of choice for pirates until the late 17th and early 18th century when it became more popular with the rise of the West Indian rum trade. 

Celebrate National Rum Day with These Delicious Drinks

Try these Backwater Jack's drinks and shots all made with your favorite liquor... rum!

Frozen Concoctions

Rum Runner - You'll be running for more... or at least trying too!
Pain in the A** - The best of both worlds 1/2 Pina Colada and 1/2 Rum Runner.
Strawberry Daiquiri - As delicious as a walk on the beach. A blend of Light Rum and Strawberry Puree.


Need an extra kick in your frozen? Add a floater! Some of our rum favorites:
Cruzan 151, Cruzan Coconut Rum, Cruzan Rum Flavors, Malibu Coconut Rum & Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

Boat Drinks

Cheese Cake - Just like the real things! Cruzan Vanilla Rum with cranberry & pineapple juices.
Hawaiian Dream - ABSOLUT Vodka, Cruzan Pineapple Rum, DeKuyper Blue Curacao & topped with pineapple juice.
Cherry Tart - Cruzan Black Cherry Rum & lemonade.
Lake Water - Cruzan Coconut Rum, DeKuyper Blue Curacao and pineapple juice.
Power Punch - Three Olives Berry Vodka, Malibu Coconut Rum, pineapple juice & a splash of cranberry juice.

Party Shots

B-zooka Joe - Limon Rum & Red Bull with Rose's Grenadine.
The Vegas Bomb - Whisky, Peachtree Schnapps, Coconut Rum, pineapple juice & Red Bull.
Beach Bomb - Red Bull Yellow Edition with Malibu Coconut Rum and a splash of pineapple juice.

Rum Runners and Lake Views at Backwater Jack's

At the Lake of the Ozarks' best waterfront bar, we're famous for Rum Runners and Pain in the A**! Come on out and try one for yourself. Backwater Jack's is open at 11:00 a.m., seven days a week. Visit us by water at the 17.5 MM, or by land in Osage Beach. There's delicious food, great drinks, live music and good times to be had! 

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