National Pina Colada Day is Coming - Get Ready!

It seems like there is a "holiday" on the calendar for just about every tiny little thing in the world. When it's an important one worth celebrating, we feel it's our duty to bring it to you guys. For example, the annual National Pina Colada Day is coming up on Tuesday, July 10, and the bar that makes the best frozen drinks at the Lake of the Ozarks think's that is a very important cause for celebration!

Backwater Jack's makes a mean Pina Colada, and they are so popular that sometimes it's hard for us to keep up with the demand, especially on those really hot days. (Good thing we have that awesome pool for you guys to cool off in while you wait your turn!) In honor of the Pina Colada holiday coming up, we present this wonderful song for you to enjoy while you read all about this amazing drink. 

The Pina Colada
A Pina Colada is a sweet rum-based cocktail containing the delectable flavors of coconut and pineapple, most often frozen but it can be served over ice. The name literally means "strained pineapple," which is a reference to that yummy ingredient. It is actually the national drink of Puerto Rico and has been since 1978. If you have anyone visiting you from Perto Rico in the future, better get them back to Backwater Jack's so they can give our delicious version a try! 

There is a story of Pina Coladas first being served in the 19th century by the Puerto Rican pirate Roberto Cofresi. He wanted to boost his crew's morale, so he gave them a drink containing coconut, pineapple, and white rum. (Pirates love rum!) We're not sure what he called his concoction at the time, but it would later be known as the famous Pina Colada. Unfortunately, the recipe was lost, so when Cofresi died in 1825, it left with him.

Two different bartenders later claimed to have recreated the cocktail. The first was Ramon "Monchito" Marrero Perez. He claims to have first made his Pina Colada in 1954 at the Caribe Hilton Hotel's Beachcomber Bar in San Juan. He experimented for 3 months before settling on his final recipe.    

The other possible inventor, Ramon Portas Mingot, says that he created the Pina Colada in 1963 at the Barrachina Restaurant in Old San Juan. This is much later than Perez's claim, but the restaurant stands behind his invention of the drink to this day.  

Frozen Dinks at Backwater Jack's
While the Pina Colada is a very popular cocktail here at our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar & restaurant, it's the combination of it along with another delicious drink, the Rum Runner, that is most often ordered in our neck of the woods. Fondly known as the Pain in the A**, both cocktails share the same glass to make a tasty treat you simply have to try while you're in town. Oh, and don't forget to ask for a floater for an extra kick! 

Of course, if those aren't particularly your favorite flavors, we've got all kinds of other delicious drinks waiting to be mixed for you behind our bar. Even though Tuesday, July 10 is National Pina Colada Day, we reserve Tuesday each week for our "Tequila Tuesdays" with Buy-1-Get-Half-Off shots of Jose Cuervo and Sauza, plus Buy-1-Get-1-Half-Off house Margaritas, so you've got that to look forward to too! No matter what you decide to drink while you're here, just get yourself back to Backwater Jack's soon. We miss you when you're gone!    

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