Thanks For Another Incredible Season! - Closing Day December 10, 2017

We're coming to the end of the 2017 season for our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront restaurant & bar, and looking back, this year has been one of the best ever! We are definitely a bit sad that Backwater Jack's is closing down for the winter, but those feelings are eclipsed by the excitement we have knowing that next year is going to be even better! 

Customer Appreciation Weekend
We cannot close this place down for the season until we get to hang out with all of our awesome customers one more time. (The winter will be a lot easier to get through after we make some unforgettable memories this weekend!) 

As a thank you to all of the wonderful people that helped to make our 2017 season so amazing, we'll be offering HALF-PRICE DRINKS & FOOD on Saturday and Sunday, December 9th & 10th. Not only do you get to enjoy a few of your favorite dishes and drinks again before we go into hibernation, but you get them at an incredible discount. Why? Because you guys deserve it! This year wouldn't have been nearly as great without you here. 

A Look Back At 2017
A LOT of new things happened this year, mixed in with a lot of the incredible stuff you already knew and loved. We still had the best live music at the Lake of the Ozarks, but they got a bigger and better stage to perform on. Your favorite menu items are still here, plus we added some of the best sushi you ever tasted. There is a LOT more parking when you come by car, and of course, that out-of-this-world best pool at the Lake of the Ozarks complete with swim-up-bar! 

We had an amazing year working at Backwater Jack's, and the great people that we met along the way seemed to be enjoying themselves quite a bit too. Here is what a few of our most recent guests had to say about us. 

"Cool place! It's a little far from me, but it's worth the trip." -Tom Beckerle (Google review)

"BEST PINA COLADA EVER! Went there late in September. Weather was still wonderful enough to hang out in their amazing swim up bar in their pool. We'd already had lunch, but friends wanted to take the boat over to show us their favorite hangout. Seriously best drinks ever! Hubby had a pina colada, and I had their house drink which is like a rum punch. Best price for a drink on the water we've ever had. Drinks were $5 or $6 bucks. For $7 you got a vial - like a test tube vial - full of rum. Like 151 rum. Kicked our butts. They put the vial in upside down in your drink and you just pull it up little by little to add however much rum you want. Hubby is STILL talking about that drink. Can't wait to go back next summer. Hopefully when they have a band playing." -Glenda C. (TripAdvisor review)

"The food is great as is the atmosphere of the place, service is better than most places on the water." -Carl Edwards (Facebook review)

"The place to be on the Lake! Backwater Jacks has changed in the last few years. It’s always been fun, great entertainment and food. Since putting in the pool area, it has increased the level of fun and variety. You can get there by boat or car.....either way is fine. Their Thursday night special of wings and shrimp is always a good reason to visit. Can’t wait for next summer!" -Susan H. (TripAdvisor review)

"BEST sushi at the lake. It's a pretty unique atmosphere to be sitting at the tiki bar, eating such amazing sushi. This place is a MUST try!!! I almost gave it one less star because the hours are pretty unpredictable, but I really can't blame a seasonal place for not being open constantly." -Kris R. (Yelp review) 

"Great food and the waitress was very attentive and took care of our table very well! The prices were very good. Thanks Backwater Jacks for a great evening!"  -Kandra Cook (Facebook review)

"Fun and Food! This has always been a fun place. The bar scene is fantastic. Daytime means good food. Crab appetizer is the best." -Shannon 5512 (TripAdvisor review)

"This is one of my favorite places on the lake. We've been here twice now. The first time I had the quesadillas, which were delicious and an ample amount of food for dinner. My friend had the Cajun Pasta and husband had the Grouper Fingers. Everyone loved their food. This past time I had some type of seafood alfredo pasta. It was delicious and I easily had leftovers (I was very hungry and hadn't eaten lunch). My husband and a friend had steak and another friend had chicken fingers. I can honestly say I haven't had a bad meal or drink at this place and their new pool setup is amazing! It might be one of the classiest looking pool areas on the lake, especially at night. The prices are extremely reasonable." -Stacey H. (TripAdvisor review)

"Incredibly good food. We had the Grouper fingers for appetizers... unreal how delicious." -Billie Williams Jr. (Facebook review)

"Great Pool! First time we have been there since they expanded and added the pool. Really nice job on the expansion. Sushi was good and can’t ever get my wife to eat but she loved it. Wish they would serve the full menu down at the pool and not just the sushi menu. We ordered some for carry-out and just brought it to our table which worked great as well." -Tim P. (TripAdvisor review)
"Lunch at Backwater Jacks was good. The service was really good and the atmosphere was great. Fantastic view of the little harbor. We both had different salads and both were good. A lot of proteins without a lot of lettuce. Dressing was ok. The upside is all the atmosphere and service. They have a pool with lounges in the water and swim up bar. Looks like a real party spot for a warm day. Not visible from the main road but worth the search." -Jerry M. (Yelp review)

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C'mon, you know you've GOTTA GET BACK TO BACKWATER JACK'S at least one more time this year! Help us give this place the sendoff it deserves, and while you're here, tell us how you felt about this season. It always lets us know what we did right and where we can make improvements to our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar & restaurant. Your input will most definitely help us to make our 2018 season starting next spring at Backwater Jack's the best one yet! We expect to see you all this weekend for half-price food & drinks!

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