5 Reasons to Visit the Lake of the Ozarks This Fall

The lake area is a very popular vacation destination all summer long, but not everyone realizes what an amazing place it is to visit in the fall too. If you're not lucky enough to live here year-round, Backwater Jack's has 5 wonderful reason why you should travel to the lake area this time of year. 

photo courtesy of Funlake.com 
Backwater Jack's is still open!
Even though our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar & restaurant is a seasonal place, our season is far from over! Weather permitting, we hope to still have our incredible food and drinks available to you all fall long, and possibly a little longer. 

We've got lots of outdoor seating for the pleasant days, and plenty of indoor seating when the weather pushes you inside. We have shut down the Sushi & Asian Grill already, but don't worry, because we've moved enough of the ingredients and equipment up to the main restaurant that we can still serve you quite a few delicious dishes off of that menu in addition to our regular menu.   

The HEATED pool is open too!
The pool, on the other hand, is still open and ready to swim in. Weather permitting, we hope to keep it open throughout October. This is possible because we've recently added a heater, so the water is cozy and comfortable for a relaxing dip in the water. 

It's a calmer trip.
One of the best parts about being at the lake after summer is the fact that there are fewer people in town. We still draw a big crowd here at Backwater Jack's, but we've expanded enough that you won't feel crowded at all. You probably won't have to wait for a table, but if you do, it will be a much shorter wait. With fewer people to serve this time of year, we have more chances to get to know you a little better while you're here. 

Fall Harbor Hop is coming. 
There is still one more awesome annual event happening on the water - The 32nd Annual Fall Harbor Hop on Saturday, October 14, 2017! It's an exciting poker run on the lake where you have to visit at least 7 of over 40 checkpoints to collect cards for a (hopefully) winning poker hand. Our waterfront bar & restaurant is thrilled to be one of those stops. Next week's blog will have even more details about it for you. For now, just make sure you set that day aside for some fun on the water!  

The scenery is colorful.
We are very lucky to live in an area that is breathtakingly beautiful all year long, but fall brings along with it a rainbow of gorgeous colors everywhere that you look. It doesn't matter if you're cruising on the water or taking a road trip in your car, there is gorgeous scenery everywhere that you look. On a nice day, you can enjoy an incredible view from our deck, and even if you have to sit inside, we've got large windows that still allow you to see that awesome lake view. 

With all of those great reasons to visit the lake area this time of year, we bet you're ready to plan your trip right now! While you're making those plans, we hope that you fit more than one visit in to our Lake of the Ozarks bar & restaurant. You can even pick up a cool Backwater Jack's sweatshirt while you're here to keep warm as the temperatures get cooler, plus make all of your friends jealous! We'll see you soon. 

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