4 Tips to Keeping Cool at the Lake

Summer at the Lake of the Ozarks can get very humid and hot. With above average temperatures and what seems like daily heat advisories, it is important to stay cool this summer. With many people out on the water enjoying the beautiful scenery and fun lake activities, Backwater Jack’s presents 4 tips to help you keep cool while having fun this summer.

1. Go Overboard!

The easiest way to cool off while on the lake is to, well, get in the water. If you do decide to jump on in, make sure it is safe to do so first. With the hot temperatures that all Missourians are experiencing, there will be many people coming to Lake of the Ozarks to enjoy the water. This means there will be more and more boats on the water as the season progresses.

2. Drink, Drink and Drink Some More!

Drink a lot…. of water! This tip seems simple, but it is easy to forget to drink the right amount of water when you are having fun out on the boat. Time flies when you are having fun, but don’t forget to stay hydrated! If you want to add a little twist, add some fresh fruit for a refreshing pick-me-up.

3. Break for Lunch

Noon is typically the hottest time of the day, and it’s also a great time to break for a bite to eat. It just so happens that Backwater Jack’s serves an excellent lunch, and is easily accessible by boat and land! In order to not melt away during your time on the lake, we suggest you get out early, break for lunch and hit the water again in the late afternoon after you have rested and cooled off a bit.

4. Don’t Be a Pain in the A** – Get One!

The best part about taking a break at Backwater Jack’s is our famous frozen drinks such as rum runners, Pina Coladas and Daiquiris and everything in between. Mix it up by combining your favorites into a Pain in the A** or a Miami Vice. These refreshing drinks will definitely cool you off during those hot summer days.

Stay Cool at Backwater Jack’s This Summer!

It is only the beginning of summer, and it is already heating up! Hopefully, our easy tips can help you stay cool this season while boating on the lake and doing other fun summer activities. Backwater Jack’s is the perfect place to rest and cool off. Your favorite waterfront bar at Lake of the Ozarks is easily accessible by water at the 17.5 MM and by land at 4341 Beach Drive in Osage Beach. We hope to see you soon!

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