13 Things You Didn't Know About Crabs

Mmm... Who's craving crab?!

When you've got a craving to satisfy, Backwater Jack's is the place to go! Backwater Jack's Bar & Grill is home to the LARGEST Crab Rangoon at the Lake of the Ozarks. You know you love it... but how much do you know about the delectable ingredients? Here are some crazy facts about crabs.

1. There are over 6,000 species of crabs.

2. A group of crabs is called a cast.

3. If a crab loses a claw, a new one will grow in its place.

4. The hard shell covering a crab's body is called the "carapace."

5. Crabs can walk in any direction, but they tend to move sideways if they are in a hurry.

6. Humans eat approximately 1.5 million tons of crab every year.

7. Crabs have compound eyes that consist of hundreds of little lenses.

8. Female crabs produce well over 1,000 eggs at a time.

9. Crabs communicate by making drumming and clapping sounds with their claws.

10. A crab's teeth are located in its stomach.

11. Crabs have five pairs of legs (the claws are counted as legs).

12. Hermit crabs, king crabs, and horseshoe crabs aren't actually crabs.

13. The Japanese Spider Crab is the largest crab in the world - it can grow as large as 13 feet across. It can also live to be 100 years old!

Who knew crabs were so crazy?! We didn't... But we DID know that our waterfront restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks is home to the best crab around! Not only do we offer the Lake's largest Crab Rangoon - we're also famous for our summer special: Crabby Ole Mondays! During peak season, we invite you to start your week off right with 1 pound of delicious snow crab at Backwater Jack's.

Backwater Jack's is currently open every weekend, Thursday-Sunday. We promise we'll have all your favorite foods and drinks waiting for you!

An eclectic blend of food, drink & entertainment on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.

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