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Still Open and Still Ready To Party!

This is the time of year when a lot of waterfront bars & restaurants at the Lake of the Ozarks close down for the season, but not Backwater Jack's ! We're still open, and we plan to be open for quite a while yet. It's too soon to close up shop because we've still got plenty of party left in us, and we bet you do too! Get yourself back to Backwater Jack's right now to join us for some extended summer fun. Indoor Seating With A View Mid-Missouri weather likes to keep us guessing, so there will very likely be more days where it's nice enough to sit outdoors on our lakeside deck and enjoy the waterfront view. For those days that get a bit too cold for that, we've got a spacious indoor dining room where you can hang out with all of your friends, and maybe make a few new ones while keeping yourself warm and comfy. The best part is, you've still got that gorgeous lake view to enjoy through the windows. Fall at the Lake of the Ozarks is definitely a

It's Steak Night EVERY Friday at Backwater Jack's!

You know that the best food at the Lake of the Ozark s can be find at Backwater Jacks  every day of the week, but some days we make it even better than usual! This fall brought back one of our most popular weekly events - Friday Night Steak Night . Join us each Friday evening to get your weekend started off right with a big, juicy, mouthwatering Filet Mignon dinner!  Fantastic Filet Mignon The star of the show on Steak Night is a delicious 7-oz. premium cut of Filet Mignon. The name "Filet Mignon" is French for "tender fillet" or "delicate/fine fillet," and it earned that name because it truly is one of the tenderest cuts of beef. It comes from a part of the cow that doesn't get used very much, which is the reason why the meat is so very tender.   For the simple price of $14.99, you not only get that mouthwatering steak, but also one of Backwater Jack's signature side dishes. Your choices include: Our Amazing Fried Potato Salad French F

Gotta HOP Back to Backwater Jack's for the 32nd Annual Fall Harbor Hop!

It's time once again for the Annual Fall Harbor Hop ! This Saturday, October 14 is your chance to take part in an awesome day on the water "hopping" from waterfront bar to waterfront bar picking up cards for a winning poker hand. Backwater Jack's will have cards for you, along with the best-tasting food, most amazing drinks, and the best heated pool at the Lake of the Ozarks . After grabbing that card, you're going to want to stay a while!  The Hop Here's how Harbor Hop works. You begin at one of the more than 40 participating waterfront bars and restaurants on the list, pay on optional $20 donation to register, and receive the first card for your poker hand. If you want to play more than one hand, go ahead and register more than once!  You then get to spend the rest of the day "hopping" from place to place picking up a new card at each stop. Once you have a full hand of 7 cards, you'll turn it in at that final location. If you're n

5 Reasons to Visit the Lake of the Ozarks This Fall

The lake area is a very popular vacation destination all summer long, but not everyone realizes what an amazing place it is to visit in the fall too. If you're not lucky enough to live here year-round, Backwater Jack's has 5 wonderful reason why you should travel to the lake area this time of year.  photo courtesy of  Backwater Jack's is still open! Even though our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar & restaurant is a seasonal place, our season is far from over! Weather permitting, we hope to still have our incredible food and drinks available to you all fall long, and possibly a little longer.  We've got lots of outdoor seating for the pleasant days, and plenty of indoor seating when the weather pushes you inside. We have shut down the Sushi & Asian Grill already, but don't worry, because we've moved enough of the ingredients and equipment up to the main restaurant that we can still serve you quite a few delicious dishes off of that