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A Look Back: Customer Reviews from Summer 2015!

This past Summer season was an absolute success.  The Lake's best waterbar was visited by thousands of people; locals and tourists alike. We were given awards for our food, given shout-outs for our atmosphere, and all around given praise for having the best restaurant at Lake of the Ozarks . We haven't forgotten how we earned all of those kudos either! Let's look back at some of the reviews and posts written by customers on our Facebook page and remember the Summer season 2015! Jared  —   5 star Love this place!!! Great food, staff, and entertainment!!! Always a definite stop on our vacations on the lake!!! Thanks for making us a permanent part of your vacations Jared! We appreciate all your support! Corey   —   5 star Best food on the water. Love the poppers and the Cuban! Corey, We hope you'll branch out next season and try some of our other dishes too, like our award winning Fried Potato Salad! (Pssst, the Cuban is one of our favorites too!)

Party Hardy on Customer Appreciation Day!

"All good things must come to an end". Our journey for the summer ends here. This will be the last weekend  Backwater Jack's  will be open in the 2015 summer season! This has been a terrific summer that no one wanted to end, but until someone fixes that time machine, it would seem we have to just sit tight and wait until next year! As we prepare for the Winter, we're going to have one last summer celebration that you definitely won't want to miss! Here are the  three reasons  to come celebrate with the  best waterfront bar at the Lake of the Ozarks  as we close out another wonderful season:  UNBEATABLE DRINK AND FOOD SPECIALS This Sunday we will have our annual Customer Appreciation Day.  That means we'll serve 1/2 priced food and 1/2 priced drinks ALL DAY.  It's a send off for the people who made this past season AMAZING. Stop in and grab one, no, TWO of your favorite dishes and drinks! AMAZING WEATHER Looks like Mother Nature is trying

Get the Party Started with Some of Our Signature Shots!

Backwater Jack's is the best waterfront bar at the Lake of the Ozarks . We have amazing drinks, including the infamous Pains in the A$$, and so many more. But we have even MORE than just the best food and drinks at the Lake : We have shots that will either begin the night's concert or warm the palette for a delicious cocktail. Here are some of the shots offered at the best bar at Lake of the Ozarks. Party Shots Three Olives Bomb Careful, these bombs are already ticking!  Three Flavors of Vodka- Three Olives Cherry, Grape, or Berry mixed with everyone's favorite energy drink - Red Bull. Star Burst Drink them instead of stealing the best flavor from your friends. This shot is filled with Pinnacle's Blueberry Vodka, ABSOLUT Mandrin & Citron. Did you think that was it? It also has Red Bull! B-zooka Joe Can you tell we love Red Bull?  Red Bull and Limón Rum are mixed with some grenadine to blow up that party atmosphere! The Vegas Bomb Time

30th Anniversary Harbor Hop at Lake of the Ozarks

Harbor Hop at the Lake is both the beginning and the end of the water festivities. The Spring Harbor Hop signifies that it's finally warm enough to start up the boat and prepare for the warm weather. The fall Harbor Hop reminds us that summer is over and we should celebrate another successful season. It's one of the favorite events for the best waterbar at the Lake of the Ozarks , and for good reason! From the best drink specials in the Lake area to the best poker hand you can make, Harbor Hop has you going from one place to another! The Poker Game The Harbor Hop allows people to play a poker game as they hop from one location to another. Players pay an optional donation fee of $20 to start their "hand". There are two options once play begins. The player can stay within one section of the Lake in an effort to qualify for the "bonus" round of winner drawings or go to all the sections available. All play stops at 7PM, or when all 7 cards are coll