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Fun Facts about April Fool's Day (oh, and Happy Easter Too!)

This weekend many people will be observing Easter Sunday, but quite a few of those people will also be celebrating April Fool's Day at the same time. (Who thinks quite a few kids are going to wake up to some really messed up baskets this year?)  April Fool's Day is all about having some good-hearted fun, and hey, so is Backwater Jack's ! For that reason, we dug into some fun April Fool's Day facts that you can impress your friends with. (You'll have to come up with the pranks on your own.)   Some say April Fool's Day came about because April 1st was originally New Year's Day. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted in the 16th century, the new year then began on January 1st. People that continued to celebrate on April 1st were called "April fools" and had tricks played on them.  In England, you're not called a fool, but rather a "noodle," "noddy," "gobby," or "gob."  April Fool's Day is ac

The Awesome Appetizers of Backwater Jack's

The appetizer menu at our Lake of the Ozarks waterfront bar & restaurant is filled with traditional favorites, succulent seafood, the biggest Crab Rangoon in the lake area, and so much more. Whether you're simply looking for a snack to enjoy along with a cocktail or two, or you're in the mood for something tasty to kick off a meal, the Backwater Jack's appetizer menu is the perfect place to look. Check out these amazing appetizer choices!    Colossal Crab Rangoon Four oversized wontons stuffed with Jack’s own crab cream cheese mix, fried to golden brown, & served with our homemade apricot sauce. Chicken Tenders These are hand-breaded to order. You’ll taste the difference! You can also try them HOT! Buffalo Style - hand-breaded and then dipped in our special hot sauce. Grilled Chicken Tenders Four chicken tenders marinated in a teriyaki glaze and grilled to juicy perfection. Wings A dozen jumbo chicken wings fried to a golden brown and then tosse

Raw Deal Thursdays and Sunday Fun Day are Back at Backwater Jack's!

Your favorite waterfront bar & restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks is back open for the 2018 season on Thursday, March 15 at 11 am . For now, you can join us every Thursday-Sunday for all of those special tasty treats you have come to love at Backwater Jack's . Once the weather decides to warm up and stay that way, we'll be opening our amazing pool and swim-up bar again, and the Sushi & Asian Grill will be open once more mid-April.  Until then, in addition to the fantastic food and delicious drinks you've come to expect, we're also bringing back Raw Deal Thursdays and Sunday Fun Days! Those of you that have enjoyed those specialty days in the past will be excited to hear that, and if you haven't yet had the pleasure, here's what you can expect every week this season.  RAW DEAL THURSDAYS Quite possibly one of the most popular days at Backwater Jack's is our weekly Raw Deal Thursday. It features incredible discounts on oysters, shrimp, and

You Can FINALLY Get Back To Backwater Jack's Thursday, March 15, 2018!

It's that wonderful time of year... time for the best waterfront bar & restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks to come out of hibernation and start partying with all of you once again! The long winter's wait is almost over. Backwater Jack's will be open for our 2018 season at 11:00 am on Thursday, March 15 ! In case your memory's a bit foggy, here's what we've got waiting for you when you join us.  Delicious Food We're ready to whip up a few batches of our famous Fried Potato Salad to serve alongside your favorite Backwater Jack's dishes. All of the classics you love are back on the menu - Colossal Crab Rangoon, Grouper Fingers, Snow Crab Clusters, and more - plus some new surprises. This year one new menu item we are adding is a Black Bean Burger for the vegans. (But you meat-lovers will enjoy the taste of that one too!) Later this spring we will be bringing back the best sushi at the Lake of the Ozarks again out by the pool. Expect that to st